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Choose from a variety of Minnesota replacement windows:​

  • Bay Windows & Bow Windows
  • Double Hung Windows & Awning Windows
  • Casement Windows & Double Hung Windows
  • Energy Efficient Windows 
  • Garden Windows & Hopper Windows
  • Picture Windows & Slider Windows
  • Replacement Windows & Window Installers

If you are looking for professionally installed windows in Minnesota. Look no further than Klingelhut Window & Siding. We have years of experience making Minnesota homes look great with quality, energy-efficient replacement windows from leading manufacturers. All of our quality replacement windows are Energy Star certified.

With rising heating costs and increased concern for energy efficiency, this is a great time to update your old windows to new energy-efficient windows. Plus, high-quality replacement windows say a lot about the pride you take in your home.

Klingelhut Is Your Window Company

Klingelhut Window & Siding is a Minnesota replacement window contractor and we offer a complete range of custom replacement window options, however, what we are most proud of is our outstanding installation and customer service. 

We will take the time to assess your unique needs and give you options that make sense for your budget, and your Minnesota home. We treat our customers like a member of our family from the estimate and pricing, and through the installation and follow-up. We want to make sure that you get not only the finest products but the best service in the industry. Plus, with our lifetime transferable warranty, you can be assured your investment is safe. 

In addition to installing your new windows, Klingelhut Window & Siding will custom bend and fit PVC-coated aluminum trim around the exterior of your windows. This assures that your new windows will look great and that you will never have to paint your trim again.

Klingelhut Window & Siding is committed to offering only the highest quality in windows by using the PlyGem Premium Series – Vinyl Window System. Being the company in Minnesota that carries this brand, our windows are stronger, more durable, and more energy efficient than other companies. We are committed to standing behind our windows, with a lifetime warranty. Klingelhut Window & Siding proudly sells energy-efficient double-hung windows, bow & bay windows, garden windows, sliding windows, full-frame windows, and casement windows. We are committed to standing behind our windows, with a lifetime warranty.

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When Should I Replace the Windows in My Home?

Your windows are a key feature of your property. They not only provide natural light and ventilation, but they also help to regulate your home’s temperature and block out unwanted noise. However, as with any part of your home, your windows will eventually start to wear out and need replacing. But when is the right time to replace the windows in your home?

We’ll be discussing the tell-tale signs that indicate it’s time for window replacement.

Drafts and Leaks

One of the most obvious signs you need to replace your windows is if you feel a draft when standing near them. If you can feel air seeping through the window frame or around the glass, it’s a sign the seals have failed, leaving gaps that allow drafts to enter your home. These drafts can lead to uneven temperatures and high energy bills.

Additionally, if you notice moisture building up on the inside of your windows, it’s also a sign that your windows aren’t sealing properly. Water leaks can cause damage to your home’s interior, so it’s essential to replace windows with leaks sooner rather than later.

Difficulty in Operation

If you’re struggling to open, close, or latch your windows, it’s time to replace them. Over time, the frames can warp, causing the window sash to stick or get stuck, making it difficult to operate. This problem can make it difficult to clean your windows or get fresh air flow in your home.

If your windows aren’t opening properly, you should think seriously about replacing them. New windows operate more smoothly and are much easier to clean, so it’s well worth investing in a replacement.

High Energy Bills

If you’ve noticed that your energy bills are unusually high, it could be due to your old windows. As windows age, they start to lose their insulating power, allowing heat to escape and cold air to enter in colder months. As a result, your heating and cooling system will need to work harder to regulate the temperature of your home, increasing your energy consumption.

By installing modern windows that are energy-efficient, you can reduce your energy consumption and save money on your energy bill. In many cases, the cost of replacing your windows can be recovered in energy savings within just a few years.

Condensation on Glass

If you notice condensation building up inside your window panels or between windowpanes, it’s a sign that your windows need replacement. This is especially true for double-pane windows where condensation indicates that seals have failed, allowing air to leak through.

Condensation can be a breeding ground for mold and mildew, which can be problematic for people with allergies. It can also cause water damage to window frames and sills, making it essential to replace windows that accumulate moisture.

Cosmetic Considerations

As much as we tend to focus on functionality, the appearance of your windows can’t be overlooked. Over time, your windows’ frames can become discolored, warped, or damaged, making them unsightly. While this may seem like a minor problem aesthetically, it can be detrimental to your home’s curb appeal and resale value.

By replacing your worn-out windows, you can increase your home’s aesthetic appeal and value, which is especially important if you’re planning to sell your property.

When You Are Looking for “Window Replacement Near Me” – Look To:

Klingelhut Window & Siding specializes in custom vinyl replacement windows. All of our windows are custom-sized to fit any project. We don’t stock “standard size” windows here in our warehouse and try to find the closest fit to what you need. We create a window to exactly fit the opening that the old window was in, or can even make the replacement window larger or smaller than your existing window.

There are actually two methods to replacing your Minnesota windows when you start window-shopping. This may not be something you discover in a typical window-buying conversation and not all  MN replacement window companies offer the choice of insert or full-frame. What’s the difference?

Window Sales

There are also many options to pick and choose from as far as window and hardware color, glass, grid, and casing. Our wood grain options give you the wood style you love without having to maintain the wood throughout the years. With our full-frame installation option, you can have the energy efficiency of replacement windows with the look of original windows. This installation option maximizes your glass space without the chunky frame that is typically associated with replacement windows with the slim-lined design. Our design consultant will stop by your home, free of charge, and help go through and make decisions regarding our over 50,000 window options.

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In this day in age, people are concerned with energy efficiency. Why would you want to replace your old drafty windows with new drafty windows? Our windows carry the highest rating for preventing draftiness and condensation on the market. We offer energy-efficient triple pane glass options, expanding foam-insulated mainframes, and fiber core-reinforced stiles and rails that make our windows some of the most energy-efficient on the market. Our windows are strategically designed to address common issues like mold, condensation, energy efficiency, rotting, etc.

Klingelhut – The Window Company

We don’t just sell windows here at Klingelhut Window & Siding. We also sell a piece of mind. You do the windows the right way with us, and you never have to worry about them again. We have a phenomenal warranty that covers the parts and the installation for life. The warranty is not limited, which means it truly does last a lifetime. On top of that, the warranty is transferable. So if you decide to move, the new homeowners can take advantage of the same great warranty that you had!

Whether you are looking for double-hung, bay, bow, garden, sliding, or casement windows, our selection of colors and glass choices allows you to get the exact look and quality you want. So many homeowners want to maintain that great look of an original wood window but fear the maintenance and energy loss associated with them. Up until now vinyl windows had not been designed to capture this great look, but with Restorations, we’ve patented our window design, there is nothing else like it. Our double-contoured, narrow-line exterior mainframe provides a striking accent to your home and our mortised locks and wood-style cove trim around the glass create an overall effect of unmistakable elegance. All this helps to provide more visible glass as our window design offers up to 27% more viewing area than other replacement windows.

Your Window Replacement Company

Windows play a vital role in keeping our homes safe, comfortable, and energy-efficient. By knowing the signs that it’s time for replacement, you can protect your home’s integrity, increase its curb appeal, and save money on energy bills.

Still not convinced that Klingelhut Window & Siding will help save you money? Well, the truth is clear as day, in our glass that is. Competitive window brands generally only utilize single-layer Low-E coating structures. Our Restorations Windows Insulated Glass Systems incorporate multiple layers of heat-reflective metallic coatings into our panes of glass, this helps to keep the heat in during the cold winter months and the heat out during the warm summer months. As seen below, our windows have a higher R-Factor than ordinary glazed windows.

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